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June 2017

Dev Blog - Working with Code in MMF

Clickteam Fusion is a great product for non programmers, designers and artists to create their own games. Without programming knowledge but a good general knowledge of logic you can create projects up to the same quality as anyone else.

But with this simplicity comes some issues. While everyone is waiting for version 3 of Fusion which should remove some of these issues, here are a few pointers about the Event Editor/Level Editor.

1. Think about how you are going to group objects and code before you start. MMF's Event editor is not particularly user friendly once you have a lot of objects on the same frame.
2. Consider using the layers object to handle visible/invisible. This is the quickest and easiest way to have objects appear and disappear before using the standard visible/invisible code to make certain objects state.
3. Where possible use behaviours for common tasks such as fading in and out, that can save you code duplication and reduce the code within your frame that is visible. When your game gets big, this can really help.
4. Consider grouping code into common elements for each frame such as Initialisation, Appearance, activation.

As we move forward in Dead of Day we begin to find better ways of making the code more efficient and easier to read, but hopefully our advice will make you think about your code and structure before you start.