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Jason has been working in the games industry for over 10 years. Working on PC and console games such as Formula 1, Flight School and Flight Sim World. He has also written articles for magazines such as PC Format, PC Answers and Retro Gamer, as well as writing 8 game creation books published by Charles River Media and Cengage.
Trebuchet Games is also currently using a number of freelance "Game Industry" veterans for additional graphic and art tasks.


We are using a number of partners to provide additional resources for prototyping and art style guides.
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EG Licensing Group

EG Licensing are a group of professional producers and artists with a portfolio of 60 commercial projects from games to comics, animated television programmes, e-books and audio casts.
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Heavy Cat Studios

Heavy Cat Studios has developed a portfolio of over 70 original characters appearing in adventure games, mobile apps, audio casts, multimedia presentations, webcomics and e-books.
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Oray Studios

Oray Studios provide affordable and high quality illustrations, artworks, and graphic designs for game developers, book writers, toy makers and clothing designers