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Dev Blog WE 13/12/2014

A weekly dev blog update for Trebuchet Games.

Note: We have three games currently in production at different stages for the sake of this blog, until the games have been announced in more detail, they will be called Project A, B and C.

A relatively quiet week this week as the Christmas holidays approaches. Unfortunately one of the challenges of being an indie is sometimes full time work, life and waiting for other bits being done externally gets in the way.

Ironically as other people relax and enjoy their holidays in the coming weeks, it's probably when I will become even busier. We are still awaiting for official approval of funding, but it looks like that won't appear until January now, so we cannot start getting work sent out for quotes really before that happens. This does mean we will be on a very difficult work timeframe from January to March to get everything we have budgeted done in that period. More on that as things progress.


  • Purchased a new phone.
  • Took new phone back to Merry-hill shopping centre as it didn't work :(
  • Working on Book 9
  • Did some social media work.
  • Working on Designs for Project B - very close to actual mission/element design now rather than screens



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