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Dev Blog - Where have you been?

Welcome back!

So it's been a while since I last did a development blog, mainly because things were moving forward, but moving slowly (if you are an indie developer you'll understand sometimes months can pass without much progress). Working full time and trying to make an indie game is never a good combination, especially as my day job is making games, and when you get near to the end of a project there's always lot's of overtime to get it complete.

I intend to start the blogs back up now things have been progressing well.

In November/December last year I was able to secure some match funding from Creative Englands - GamesLab system. This is where you put in some of your own money and they match it. There are rules and processes to follow and it did take a couple of months to get it all moving forward (lots of paper work :) - In April after working with a number of companies to secure examples of work, I selected both a musician and set of artists who would work on our first indie game.

Since April the design has generally been locked down and the artists have been creating content - mockup art based on my example drawings and then the final art assets. Things have been progressing well and many screens have much of the art already complete. There is still much to do but considering this is the largest indie game I've ever attempted I'm really pleased with it's progress.

I've got a little bit of time off work, so while I do that I will be posting a bit more information on what I am working on each day, and then get back into a weekly dev blog cycle.